Headcount and Workforce Profile

Workforce headcount in 2020–2022,The personnel of Fix Price Group PLC in all countries where it operates, including contractorsTotal may not equal the sum of the components due to rounding number of employees
Workforce age profile in 2020–2022,The scope of disclosure in this section of the Annual Report unless stated otherwise: employees of Best Price LLC, the Group’s core operating company in the Russian Federation (excluding contractors and the Company’s personnel in other geographies) %
Workforce gender profile in 2020–2022, %
Management gender profile in 2020–2022,Unless stated otherwise, the Company’s management comprises top, middle and junior managers %

The Group’s total average headcount increased by 18% in 2022 due to Fix Price’s network expansion.

Fix Price understands that a combination of various personal experiences helps to unleash the team’s full potential at the workplace. We believe that diversity and inclusion are important drivers behind a successful team. Fix Price strives to ensure a diverse workforce, including in terms of age and gender.

In 2022, the proportion of women in total workforce and in management increased to 86% and 48%, respectively. The Company employs specialists of various ages, which contributes to the team’s diversity and inclusion. Employees aged 30–50 comprise a majority of staff: 63% of our total headcount in 2022. Around one-third of employees (30% in 2022) are under 30.

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