Our Accomplishments in 2022

In 2022, we managed to increase the total amount of waste sent for further recycling by 45% due to a newly implemented recyclables management system, which envisages using enhanced accounting procedures, specialist software and KPIs linked to store turnover

We installed LED lighting instead of fluorescent lamps at nearly all our DCs and stores, while all our new stores were equipped with this type of lighting as standard

In 2022, we continued to calculate our GHG emissions and are now publishing our first disclosure on the Company’s climate impact and its management. Our analysis and disclosure were guided by the pillars and approach of the TCFD framework

We increased the share of sustainable goods in our stores by introducing new types of recyclable bags, which are 40% made of recycled polyethylene; shoppers, etc.

In the reporting year, we continued to recondition and reuse our IT equipment, thus reducing the volume of both non-functional equipment and e-waste

Fix Price secured a top-three finish at the 2022 PRO EDORussian for “About EDI” (electronic document interchange system) competition for the best EDI project. The competition was judged by members of the business community and organised by SKB Kontur, one of the largest vendors of electronic data interchange-focused IT solutions for business

Our Approach to Managing the Environmental Footprint

The Company is committed to minimising its carbon footprint and driving efficiency gains in waste generation and energy consumption. We formalised our approach to reducing our negative environmental impact by developing the Environmental, Health & Safety Policy, which is available online. The policy describes our main principles of responsible business conduct.