Ethics and Anticorruption

Fix Price Group PLC is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner. The Company has an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy that provides a set of principles, procedures and specific measures aimed at preventing and eradicating corrupt practices, minimising the causes and conditions that generate corruption and forming anti-corruption mindsets among the Group’s employees with respect to any manifestation of unfair behaviour.

In order to combat corruption, the Group performs the following activities:

  • safeguarding against corruption, including by identifying and subsequently eliminating causes of corruption, and training Group employees;
  • detecting, preventing and impending corruption-related offences, and exposing and investigating these offences in accordance with the Company’s policy and other regulations;
  • minimising and/or eliminating of the consequences of corruption-related offences for the Group.

The Company’s CEO is responsible for the implementation of anticorruption measures.

The Company conducts anti-corruption webinars for employees and provides access to anti-corruption video resources.

All employees agree to abide by the Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy and anti-corruption agreements are signed by Group suppliers, contractors and partners.

Ethics and Anticorruption

Results Of The Year

Fix Price continued to develop its compliance function in 2022. We improved access to the anti-corruption hotline, so all stakeholders can easily use it via the corporate website.

In 2022, we surveyed 11.5 thous. employees on ethics and compliance issues. During the survey, we reminded them that there are channels available for submitting complaints and that we continue to abide by the current Business Ethics Policy. The survey results revealed opportunities for further improvement.

In 2022, we launched a mandatory training programme for office employees, which included modules on anti-corruption and business ethics.

The Company updated its Business Ethics Policy (Code of Conduct) to fully align it with our mission, values and principles of doing business.

We conducted a course “Rules of Business Conduct” for store employees on the FP School platform, where we elaborated on ethical business communication with customers and colleagues.

In 2022, the number of complaints about corruption increased due to expanded coverage of the Ethics and Compliance Committee activities and due to the set up of the hotline. The number of complaints grew from the side of employees, contractors and customers.

The geography of complaints also expanded among the Russian Federation regions, in Belarus and Kazakhstan. We investigate all complaints, and if violations are confirmed, we enforce disciplinary measures against those persons who were found at fault. To prevent similar incidents in the future, we fine-tune internal control processes and update the rules and procedures.