Our Approach to HR Management

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee reviews HR issues on behalf of the Board of Directors. The HR Director leads the HR Department. Our Personnel Policy encompasses the key aspects of employment at the Company. It was developed in full compliance with international and Russian legislation and stakeholders’ expectations.

We believe that every employee matters. Therefore, we strive to provide a comfortable work environment, offer a fair compensation and motivation system and focus on helping our people to grow in their professional and personal lives.

Fix Price recognises the responsibility it has to conduct business in a manner that is consistent with its corporate values of respect for human rights and zero tolerance to modern slavery, including forced labour and human trafficking. The Company formalised its approach towards this issue in its Modern Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.

The principles of equal opportunities and ethical treatment of personnel are reflected in our Business Ethics Policy (Code of Conduct). Should our staff experience discrimination or a violation of our ethical principles, they can contact the Ethics Committee or raise their concern on a dedicated webpage. The Ethics Committee reviews all the complaints received and takes disciplinary measures when necessary. In 2022, the number of reports to the Ethics Committee increased about 9 times vs 2021 as a result of the Company’s comprehensive effort to raise awareness among stakeholders and improve the availability of the anti-corruption hotline, as well as the mandatory anti-corruption and business ethics training modules launched in 2022.

Our Approach to Partnerships

Core Pillars of HR at Fix Price:

Creating a comfortable work environment in line with occupational safety standards
Developing fair compensation and motivation system
Building an effective employee training and development system to support further professional and personal growth
Building open and streamlined team communications to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy
Welcoming employee feedback at all levels of the corporate structure
Constant monitoring and assessment of  employee satisfaction at all units of the Company
Supporting diversity and inclusion