Social Projects

We are committed to supporting our local communities and customers across our footprint. By providing access to affordable and quality products, we make a positive impact and add value to our shoppers’ everyday lives.

The Company operated a mature network comprising 5,663 stores as of 31 December 2022. We are focused on offering goods at highly competitive prices everywhere we operate. Our recognisable store exterior and uniform equipment, product range and pricing ensure equal customer experience in all Russian cities.With the exception of the remote regions (e.g. Russia’s Far East, etc.), and other countries where the assortment and/or prices may vary The broad product range meets the needs of customers with various demands and budgets.

We understand the importance of sport in daily life. Children are our future, so we help bring sports to all children and young people. We see sports as a catalyst that complements children’s ability to focus and to learn about teamwork, all while contributing to mental and physical well-being.

Fix Price promotes sport for young people by financing the Future Champions League charitable endowment. The Future Champions League strives to make football popular by awarding scholarships to young football players; financing education, transport costs and recreational sports; and sponsoring specialist non-profits. In 2022, we contributed around RUB 40 million to the league. We also placed customer donation boxes in over 2,000 stores, raising RUB 4.6 million for the endowment. These donations went towards helping over 200 children and teenagers make their dreams come true.