Variety Value Retail Market All figures in this section are based on INFOLine data unless otherwise noted

Fix Price, the largest modern retail player in the VVR channel, opened its first store in Russia in 2007. Since then, the market has grown considerably, but its size is still remarkably smaller than in other countries where the VVR format is also widely-spread.

The landscape of the VVR segment of the retail market has changed significantly over the  years, with various specialist players entering and then leaving the market. In the recent years, the majority of VVR specialist players has ceased operations in Russia.

In 2022, the VVR market accounted for  0.8% of the total retail market in Russia that speaks of an outstanding significant potential for further growth.

218 mln+
population in Russia and other core countries of operationWorld Bank as of 2021, including Fix Price’s current countries of operation: Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Uzbekistan
70 %
of Russian population are immediate target customersReferring to population earning USD 640 or less, Rosstat as of 2022, converted at 31 December 2022 exchange rate of 70.34 (USD/RUB)
251 mln+
population in the CIS and neighbouring countries World Bank as of 2021; includes the CIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), Georgia and Latvia
72 %
of customers are sensitive to pricesAccording to customer survey by NielsenIQ: FMCG market 2022 main trends

Fix Price is the market leader in the Russian variety value retail
Company Number of stores, end of period Market shareBased on sales, including VAT Year of market entry / exit
2017 2022 2019 2022
2,477 5,098Number of Fix Price and Galamart stores in Russia 89.4% 89.6% 2007
181 508Number of Fix Price and Galamart stores in Russia 8.9% 10.4% 2009

Home market and Zaodno merged before exiting the business
116 Сlosed 2013 / 2021
22 2010 / 2019
27 2015 / 2018
50 2012 / 2018