Our Accomplishments in 2022

In spring 2022, Fix Price was recognised at the 12th annual Golden Bear Cub National Awards for its achievements in providing goods for kids, specifically for its private label Kid’s Fantasy, which encompasses educational water colouring cards, a multiple-use water colouring book and a set of colour stencils


In autumn 2022, at the Quality Guarantee 2022 contest, which celebrates excellence in food products, three Fix Price products won gold medals: creamy waffles, dates and roasted shelled peanuts

Fix Price’s loyalty programme was named the Project of the Year at the Time for Innovations Awards

~2,000 SKUs
in our assortment
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
~22 million
registered loyalty cardholders
quality and safety tests performedIncludes laboratory tests to obtain certifications and declarations of conformity for imported products; tests performed in external laboratories to confirm product composition, quality and safety; inspections by our in-house Quality Control Centre; and additional tests performed in external laboratories after in-house inspections including

voluntary tests