Remuneration and Motivation

Fix Price believes that a highly qualified and motivated team is a major pillar of business success and forms an important part of the Company’s sustainable growth. We use an attractive remuneration system that brings in the best talents to all areas of our business. We foster a supporting and friendly environment that promotes professional and personal success for all our people. We monitor the labour market and offer competitive salaries, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Employee remuneration is based on a reasonable and justified ratio of fixed and variable parts. We have established separate remuneration and benefit systems for each category of hire based on their experience, position and individual contribution.

In 2022, we implemented a long-term incentive programme (LTIP) for our key personnel. The LTIP’s main objectives are to retain the best talent for leadership positions and to ensure that management initiatives are aligned with shareholders’ interests in order to support the Company’s long-term value creation.

To promote the well-being of our staff and increase employee loyalty, we are constantly looking for ways to improve their quality of life. We implemented a social support system consisting of the following components:

  • financial support for childbirth, disease, bereavement, disability, or other cases when an employee may need it;
  • supplemental payments: full salary compensation in the event of temporary disabilityTemporary disability includes the parental leave and the sick leave or regular leave;
  • voluntary medical insurance: the list of available medical facilities increases relative to the employee’s tenure;
  • interest-free loans: provided to key employees for significant purposes such as education, buying a home or medical treatment;
  • bonus payments to employees: payment of bonuses to employees working for the Company for 10 years, as well as to the best employee in each department on an annual basis;
  • flexible or remote work schedule in case of illness, parental leave or agreement with management if such a schedule is applicable;
  • since February 2022, the Company has offered discounts for all employees through partner agreements for goods and services, including language learning, educational courses, books, sports, travel, and insurance;
  • bonuses for mentoring new employees: bonuses are offered to store managers responsible for training and teaching new workers at the stores.

We provide social support to all employees, including those working part-time. The only eligibility criterion is the minimal length of service set for employees in the policy regulating the benefit.