Training and Development

We provide training and other tools to prepare our employees to perform a wide range of tasks, ensuring operations run at a high degree of efficiency. We have launched a variety of training programmes tailored to each type of business facility. The Training and Development Department aims to provide extensive opportunities for professional development to each employee of the Company.

In 2022, average training hours per FTE grew by 16% on 2021 thanks to improvements in our training programme, which boosted attendance and engagement.

Average annual training hours per FTE,Full-time equivalent 2020–2022

Training Programmes for Store Personnel

We strive towards impeccable service in our stores and consequently are focused on providing impactful training programmes for our store personnel.

Upon hiring, new store employees are granted access to the FP School,Fix Price School our distance learning platform. We constantly update and improve our courses to promote the professional, interpersonal and managerial skills that are particularly important for store employees.

To make the training process more accessible and dynamic, we have made the FP School available from any device. We have developed a mobile app and have gamified the process, adding elements such as badges and avatars, a ranking system and interactive video courses. In addition to standard training methods, we publish educational articles, surveys and videos for store personnel on the Training Department’s social media accounts. This format allows personnel to train at any time that suits them.

In 2022, we created a digital community so that store personnel from all over the country can share their experience and discuss any tricky situations they may find themselves in at the workplace. All discussions in our digital community are monitored by a moderator from the training centre, who guides the dialogue to make it more productive and impactful.

Training and certification of our store staff is carried out every six months. Upon completing their training, employees receive certificates. The results shown on these certificates start to populate a competency matrix for each employee. These highlight each employee’s knowledge in various areas and serve to identify topics for further training. After successfully completing their training, employees can apply to be included into the talent pool. Training centre officers run a 360 degree assessment process, gather key KPIs for the employee and report the results to senior management.

The Company also runs a mentoring programme for store managers. In 2022, all newly hired store managers participated in the mentoring programme. Mentors of new store managers receive a bonus for successful mentorship after the store manager completes the programme.

Training Programmes for DC Personnel

The Company holds a mandatory induction and safety training for DC personnel that is tailored to their role.

Training Programmes for Office Employees

The Company runs both offline and online training programmes for office employees, with the latter prevailing after the pandemic. The trainings are arranged depending on the Company’s operational needs and employee expectations.

At the beginning of the reporting year, we launched a new training course on change management, which was particularly valuable at the time given the geopolitical situation and related uncertainty. Our employees were trained to identify the source of psychological challenges associated with change and were introduced to methods of alleviating them.

In February 2022, we also successfully rolled out a five-course programme dedicated to information safety, business behaviour, our anti-corruption policy, and risk management. In March 2022, we ran 45 training groups on various topics, from the basics of the standard software to the advanced level of sales analytics and forecasting.

In the reporting year, the Company also launched a new condensed training programme, which encompasses brief educational videos and enables employees to get the maximum level of information within a short period of time. In 2022, we managed to release over 25 such videos.

Fix Price successfully continues to implement the Expert in the Field programme, which was launched in 2021. The programme empowers Company employees to share their expertise, thereby enhancing their own competencies and those of their colleagues.