Overview of a typical Fix Price store layout





RUB 199

“Wow, no way the price can be that low!”


RUB 99

“I just needed to get a shampoo…”


RUB 99

“Great, this place has wet wipes and they don't cost a fortune!”


RUB 349

“Doesn't this look great? It's comfy and trendy!”

Kitchen accessories

RUB 199

“This is a great bargain!”

Toilet paper

RUB 167

“Better stock up on soap and toilet paper!”

Milk products

RUB 83

“I guess I did promise to buy milk… Oat milk is even better”


RUB 29.5

“So much shopping done… I deserve a snack!”

Marketing and Advertising

Fix Price’s marketing strategy is focused on driving store traffic within our target audience as well as other value-oriented customers. This approach taps into a wide range of marketing channels, including television advertising, printed materials, point of sale materials (POSM), outdoor advertising, online advertising, event marketing, as well as our customer loyalty programme.

The Company leverages cost-efficient marketing and advertising campaigns, employing a tailored promotional strategy driven by our target market segmentation and using relevant communication channels to reach these segments. Our well-run in-house production of advertising content and promotional activities enables us to manage several dozen promotions at once while being able to launch extra activities within the shortest timeframe (1 to 5 days). We are present on all major social media platforms, such as VK, YouTube, Telegram and others, and engage customers with our compelling digital content which is created on a regular basis. We also benefit from the content created by our customers to reflect their own experiences of shopping in Fix Price stores, such as the millions of videos created and uploaded by customers themselves to various social media groups. This free word of mouth via social media supports our marketing activity.

In 2022, the total number of the Company’s social media followers exceeded 4 million. Fix Price’s digital presence, therefore, significantly contributes to our ability to carry out effective marketing at minimal spend.

In 2022, we continued to work on optimising our customer website, which was positively received by customers and allowed us to standardise some of our promotional activities and to provide more control options for loyalty cardholders.

Fix Price also uses other marketing tools — such as communicating with social media influencers — to expand our reach with customers, further facilitate brand recognition and increase brand loyalty. In addition, we actively engage with younger audiences to attract higher-income customers by using new marketing channels, improving the visual content of our products and packaging, as well as leveraging feedback to personalise marketing efforts.

E-commerce Development

In order to reach a broader audience of more affluent customers, Fix Price continues to test various ways of improving its shopping experience to make it more comfortable for customers. In 2018, we were a pioneer of the “buy online, pick up in store” model in the Russian retail market. Over the past few years, we have seen growing interest in our online service, which has consistently posted solid results. In 2022, our customers placed over 1 million orders online, 2.3x higher than in 2021.

Customers order products via our website or mobile app and can choose from multiple delivery options, including store-to-door delivery through our partners and collection from pick-up points in stores.

The most popular delivery option has been self-pick-up, as customers prefer to collect their orders from the nearest conveniently located store. On top of this, upgrades to Fix Price mobile apps in 2022 were warmly welcomed by customers — in December 2022, 78% of total via click-and-collect orders were made in Fix Price mobile apps.

Fix Price mobile app is a powerful tool to reach out to our target audiences, allowing customers to view our product range online and accumulate loyalty points. The number of active users of our mobile app almost doubled for Android devices and tripled for Apple iOS in 2022