Our Approach to Pricing and Product Range

Since its inception, Fix Price has strived to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising on either the quality or variety of the product mix. Our value proposition is designed to meet the needs of the entire household and to improve the lives of our customers by offering them savings on products they use every day. They can always find what they are looking for in our unique, constantly refreshed and affordable product range.

Fix Price has stores in even the most remote locations. Our geography encompasses 80 regions of Russia and neighbouring countries. Our stores are conveniently placed near key traffic intersections, with easy access via public transportation and within highly populated residential districts.

According to Rosstat, around 70% of Russian households have a monthly income below RUB 45,000.Based on publicly available Rosstat data for 2021 In this context, we are committed to offering access to the goods they need to the widest audience possible, regardless of their income or the broader economy. We have also observed rising demand among the more affluent shoppers with an average household monthly income exceeding RUB 50,000. The share of these customers in 2022 was 4 pps higher than in 2021.Based on Vector Market Research studies conducted in autumn 2021 and autumn 2022 of Fix Price’s target customer base in cities with a population of over 1 million people The growing popularity of our stores within the various target segments and social groups proves our pricing and assortment strategy resonate with consumers and our treasure hunt concept is successful.

Fix Price strives to support its customers. We provide equal opportunities to all our customers by offering the same prices in all our locationsWith the exception of the most remote regions (e.g. Russia’s Far East, etc.) and other countries where the assortment and/or prices may vary and keeping them low despite market fluctuations. We carefully build our assortment and ensure stock availability so that our customers could find something to their liking among a broad range of products anywhere across the chain.

The year of 2022 was marked by geopolitical tensions, market volatility and an up-ended supply chain. In the reporting year, we nonetheless retained our strategic priority of offering affordable food and non-food products and providing equal access to our product mix to all customers across our footprint.